Natural Hair Growth Tips and Guide 2023

Truth be told, modern hair care products are pretty rough on our hair. Most of them strip the hair of its natural oils. The chemicals that make up these products may hold our hair firmly in place or give it extra body but they also damage it while doing so. This causes our hair to turn brittle, break, dry out and shed. We also expose our hair to a bunch of chemicals anytime we attempt to color, curl or straighten it. Fortunately, there are ways to encourage natural hair growth that do not involve chemicals that can give us strong healthy hair without too much fuss.

Natural Hair Growth Tips and Guide 2022

Hair Growth

One of these ways is simple scalp stimulation. The scalp is full of nerves and blood vessels. Our blood supply delivers oxygen and a ton of nutrients needed by our hair follicles to produce healthy hair. When there is a problem here, our follicles often do not get the proper flow of goodies they need and can even stop production of hair if the problem is bad enough. Just wearing a hat or constantly keeping your hair in a pony tail can harm this natural process. One good way to keep everything healthy is to stimulate your scalp at least once a day for around five minutes. You can either do this with your fingers or purchase a prong style hairbrush. Stimulating your scalp on a regular basis is a completely natural way that you can encourage circulation. And this circulation is good for hair growth.

Another natural product you can use to encourage hair production is rosemary oil. By regularly treating your scalp with this oil, you can not only strengthen your hair but encourage new hair growth. Rosemary is known to not only improve the circulation of your blood but will also help to cleanse your scalp of toxins known as free radicals that collect in our hair from bad stuff like cigarette smoke and air pollution. You can buy rosemary oil online, at most health food stores and from oil suppliers. If you want to make sure this oil is 100% natural, make sure to look for organic rosemary oil. If you buy non-organic oil, it could contain pesticides, herbicides or other chemicals used in processing or production.

The last natural hair growth tip is to make sure that you are providing your hair follicles with the nutrients they need to foster proper hair production. This can be done by changing your diet to ensure you give your hair the vitamins and nutrients needed for healthy hair growth. Don’t want to change your eating habits? Consider adding a regiment of vitamins to your daily intake.

Most people simply don’t realize that many hair growth conditions are caused by improper nutrition. Doesn’t it make sense that for your hair to thrive you should provide it with the sources it needs the most? The vitamins that help your hair include Vitamin A, B, C, D and E. Even elements like Iron and Zinc are very helpful to hair growth. Many foods are rich in vitamins you need for your hair. But if you aren’t willing to change the way you eat, look into a multivitamin formulated to support your hair growth. These natural goodies can have a powerful effect on the quality and strength of luscious and vibrant locks.

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