Ways to Speed Up Metabolism

There are many ways to speed up metabolism. First of all it is necessary pay special attention to food and drink. Think how often you eat and in what quantities. And also what you drink and how much. Choose any accordance with your taste, and even better – at once several.

Ways to Speed Up Metabolism 2023

Ways to Speed Up Metabolism

Diet and Nutrition

Long breaks between meals slows down the metabolism, so nutritionists advise eat every 2-3 hours, but small portions. At the same time remember that the diet to be balanced, it is important to observe the ratio of the major food groups. Protein should be 40% of the daily diet, fat – 20%, and carbohydrates – 40%.

Do not skip breakfast

In terms of acceleration of metabolism, breakfast is the most important meal. So, if you skip breakfast, then to lunch your body will burn far less calories than would if you had breakfast. Start your day with breakfast at 300-400 calories with a high content of complex carbohydrates: cereals or porridge, fruit, vegetables, whole wheat bread.


The action of soft fruit acids speeds up metabolism and allows you to drop those extra pounds. Substances contained in apples, helps the body’s metabolism.


One of the major participants in the process of metabolism in the human body is water. Water suppresses appetite. Water is the foundation of metabolism. To speed up metabolism is recommended to drink about two liters of water per day. If you drink it in not adequate quantities, it can slow metabolism – as the main task of the liver in this case is to resume supplies of fluid in the body rather than burn fat.

Green tea

Green tea also increases metabolism very well. One cup of this beverage accelerates calorie burning for the next 2 hours.

Drink coffee

Coffee is a great beverage that can not only invigorate you, but also increase your metabolic rate. This is due to increase in the number of heart contractions, which is one of the effects of caffeine. Just do not forget about moderation. According to scientific researches for the best effect you can to drink no more than 3 cups of coffee a day.


Lemon restores metabolism and strengthens the immune system. Drink plain non-carbonated water with lemon – it increases metabolism and fat-burning process.

Eliminate simple carbohydrates

Having decided to speed up your metabolism, get ready for the fact that you have to completely abandon the simple carbohydrates (jams, cakes, , potatoes, sugar, sweet drinks, chocolate muffins).


Good sleep helps the body develop growth hormone, which in turn speeds up metabolism, and, as a result, burn calories and causes to weight loss. Deep sleep helps the brain cell renewal, and this leads to an acceleration of metabolism.


Massage perfectly speeds up metabolism: For example, anti-cellulite and vacuum. The first improves the skin condition, blood circulation and restores muscle, and the second also contributes to the removal of excess fluid in the body.

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Physical activity

If you move a little, then the speed of a metabolism remains low. For those who are sedentary, you need at least, frequent walks to speed up metabolism.

Adhering to these simple tips can greatly speed up your metabolism and to stay young and slim holder ideal figure for many years.

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