The Cyclic Ketogenic Diet To Lose Fat

The efficiency and risk of the cyclic ketogenic diet to lose fat and crack muscles

Do you know the difference between the cyclic ketogenic diet and common diets when it comes to losing weight and gaining muscle mass?

Most people believe they just need to lose weight and lose weight . It turns out that in a weight loss with a traditional “eat less calories than you expend” diet, you lose both fat and muscle (lean mass). The result may be a slimmer body, but it will also be weaker.


Wouldn’t it be better for a diet that makes you lose only fat while protecting lean mass? It exists and is called a cyclic ketogenic diet .

The traditional ketogenic diet was popularized by Doctor’s. This diet was one of the first to defend that what causes the current obesity epidemic is not the consumption of too much fat, but the excessive consumption of carbohydrates, especially refined carbohydrates in the form of wheat and sugar. Today, the majority of the population eats up to 100 times more carbohydrates than a few decades ago.

Carbohydrates are present in foods such as pasta, white bread, cookies, ice cream, white rice, cake, chocolate, grains. They are present in every food that is produced with “villains” like sugar and wheat flour .

List of foods

Ketogenic Diet

In the ketogenic diet , to lose fat, all these foods are eliminated . But in compensation, everything that is not carbohydrate – that is, protein and fat – can be consumed at will, as many times as we want and in the desired amount. This results in a menu with very tasty options:

Filet Steak
White cheeses
Milk cream
Smoked turkey breast
Olive oil

All types of meat, including fatty ones like termite and titty

Understanding Ketosis

Our body uses carbohydrates as a primary source of energy. When we cut the carbohydrates off the menu, in about three days our bodies go into ketosis . Ketosis is the process by which the body starts to use fat (and no longer carbohydrates) as a primary source of energy.

As strange as it may seem, you will need to eat fat for the body to start burning it. If you don’t eat it, don’t think that the body will immediately burn the ones you have in your body. He will think something like “oops, no fat is coming, better preserve the reserves I have here” . Our body is an incredibly intelligent machine.

How do you know if you have gone into ketosis?

To find out if you have actually managed to reduce your carbohydrate intake to the point of getting into ketosis, you can buy some urine test strips (or “strips”) that are sold to diabetics in pharmacies. The best known of these is called Ketostix . Just urinate on them and they will indicate a color that shows whether or not you are ketosis.

Once fat has become the body’s main source of energy, it will gradually be consumed from both food and your body. And the best part: since there are no more carbohydrates, there are no more insulin spikes that generate the dreaded localized fats.

And if there are no more insulin spikes, there is no more inhibition of the release of growth hormone, which helps build muscle in the body. The result of this set of events will be your weight loss .

The first few days, while the body changes from “carbohydrate mode” to “fat mode”, are the most difficult, and may even generate a headache or malaise. This is because we are changing the way the body works.

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